thyonne receives award from apch 2009Dr. Thyonne Gordon is a powerful and impactful speaker who delivers a clear and succinct message to her audience on how to implement and take action on the strategies that she teaches. Her goal is to educate and leave each person with an “aha” moment that is the catalyst for change.

Want to empower the leaders with your business unit?

Interested in making sure every member of your team is a money generator?

Searching for ways to grow your client base?

Want to learn the secrets to a profitable non-profit?

Want to learn how to have successful and profitable fundraisers?

Then you need a better S.T.O.R.Y. and Dr. Thyonne shares her five proven tips to create the story you need to grow your business.

To inquire about booking Dr. Thyonne to speak at your next event or function send an email to: [email protected]